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Investment Strategy

Convergence of Software and Physical Technologies in High Growth Markets

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Focus: High Technology in Software and Physics for Next-Generation Solutions
Technologies and products in high-tech companies account for a growth potential that is absent in other branches and sectors (no-tech, low-tech, trade and services) due to an already saturated market or competitors imitating a product. Triangle has developed a successful strategy for investments in high-tech companies that takes market entrance barriers, as well as development cycles in certain industries into account. This clear investment strategy ensures long-term success and prevents investments from being made in short-term, capricious opportunities.

Phase: Seed and Startup
Successful returns in high-tech companies result from early-stage investment. The majority of investors does not necessarily recognize the future value of a company in its very early stage and cannot successfully manage a startup company. Triangle has the experience and know-how to form successful growing tech companies on a global scale.

Risk Profile: Active Risk Management for Pre-Revenue Companies
The typical risks of early-stage investments are accounted for in a number of proven ways. Triangle's own technology expertise, and that of our industry and academic advisors, helps to turn a lab prototype into a commercial product with maximum speed. Investments are made only in areas in which the managing partners have previous experience. Experienced entrepreneurs will complement high-tech founder teams that lack entrepreneurial or commercial experience. The above-average level of professional investment practice guarantees successful implementation, i.e., financial engineering and legal affairs, of the "best practices" of US venture capital.

Deal Flow: Portfolio and Experience Attract
Triangle maintains strong relationships with many national and international universities and research centers – Triangle’s primary source of attractive technologies. University and research teams spin-off their technologies, most of the time together with their professor serving as their link to academia. They choose Triangle because of its extended network of high-ranking advisors, its track record of done deals, and personal competence, all of which make Triangle an attractive investment partner.

Exit: Strategic and Operative Planning
At the start of every investment Triangle makes, a strategic plan geared toward a profitable exit is developed for the founder and for Triangle. This strategic plan will enable a company to focus on the appropriate goals. Historically, the majority of exits are made through trade sales, thereby optimizing the value propositions for an M&A.